The purpose of my show is to bring positive, empowering, impactful words, strategies and life stories of people who have made a positive difference in the world around them.

Life Stories

And speaking of Life Stories, I also have started recording Life Stories on CD's for anyone who wants to leave a legacy to their loved ones or the world, in general. The company she created for this is called, 'A Walk Down Memory Lane.' The packages I have for CD's and even books/memoirs along with the CD's can be discussed if you want to contact me about this. A 2-hour recording on a CD will start at $197 and any extras you want, I can definitely let you know! I recorded my Dad's Life Story earlier this year and got it completely finished literally 5 weeks before he died....consider doing this for anyone you love, whose voice you will be able to hear forever! It's a great gift!

Geetha Krishnan

Gratitude Leadership

Susan Kay Dahl

Find Your GIFT...Give Others A LIFT!!

Renona Peoples

Domestic Violence Awareness

Jeanne Danks

My Successful Truth

Sunil Bhaskaran

Meetup Money Making Secrets

Chenelle M. Wiles

Embracing Chenelle M. Wiles

Ginny Townsend

Breaking Your Glass Walls (So You Can Step Into Your Greatness)

Shirlene Reeves

From Dumpster Diving to Diamonds

Missy Conley

Our Vibrational Universe & The Law of Attraction

Chen Ben-Asher

The Underlying Cause of Weight Gain

Bonnie S. Hardie

Homeless and Unbreakable

Ken Dawe

Dreams & Personal Dream Interpretation Part II

Cindy Goodson

Live in the Body You Love to Love

Joe Burgess

The Myth of Perception

Dash Webster

The Dash Experience

Randy Jones & Ajay Matta

More Money! More Freedom! More Happiness!

Dr. Alan Barnes

How I Lost 140 lbs. in 17 Months by Changing My Mind

Will Owens

It Could Happen to You...Life Lessons that Direct Your Future

Bradley Ryckman

Overcoming Bullying

Tucker Bearden

Overcoming Asperger's

Danielle Walker-Goodson

Fearless Purple

Cheryl Gall

Connecting to Your Higher Self

Dr. Diane Pomerance

Katherine: A Woman of Vision

Amy Toy

Psychic Integrative Energy Healer

Patrick Dati

I AM ME: Speaking Out Against Bullying and Abuse

Michael Sage Hider

Having Enduring Peace of Mind

Cheryl Sherman

Book Series: Ocean Depths

Allen McNair

The Thrill of Self-Publishing/Rising Above Mental Issues

Dr. Boyd Purcell

Spiritual Abuse and Terrorism

Cindy Mazzaferro

Using Your Intuition to Be Powerful Beyond Measure

Loren Michaels Harris

Your Responsibility to the Ripple Effect

Nikki Furneaux

Finding the Real Me

Ken Dawe

Dreams and Personal Dream Interpretation

Matthew Miglin

The Voice of Prosperity

Melissa Llewellyn

Strides Made in the Mental Health Community

Scott Golden

The Power and Process of Change

Krista Tibbetts

The Unexpected Loss of A Child

Mark Azoulay


David Hyner

Smart Goals Do NOT Work!...Introducing the Massive Goal Principle

Janna Zarchin

Soul Magic System of Vibrational Healing

Lee & Sherry Patterson

Relationships Re-Invented

Annelise Makin

Imakinations - Dream No Longer

Lorena Clark

How To Transform Your Life in 2016

Mikaya Heart

Living in Trust Instead of Fear

Ellynor Smith

Miracles DO Happen

Kelly Snyder

Finding Missing People and Solving Homicides

James Duignam

Holistic Health/Well Being

Harvey Rothman

God and Faith

Lauralee Green

Your Psychic Senses

Harvey Rothman


Irene Lebedies

Emotional Intelligence

Melissa Fleming

How I Overcame Trauma and Abuse

Monique Henry

Confidently You

Tracy Celaya

Rockstars Are People Too

Kris Barney

How All Things Are Possible For You

Debbi Lewis

All About Self-Love

Mike Kerr

The Humor Advantage

Lene' St. John

Humor Speech For IAAP 04/15/15

Shey O'Shey

Finding Your Soulmate

Michele Rosenthal

Life After Trauma - Reclaimaing Your Identity

Renate Mousseux

Body Language: How To Read It, How To Use It

Monique Henry

The Authority of Perception

Nancy Lynn Jarvis

Starting Over At 59

Lene' St. John

Innate Greatness & Acronyms of Awareness

Michael Alvin

What Is Hidden From Us in Today's World


The Health Professionals' Secret Weapon

Lori Wilk

Business Coach and Princess

Ernie & Christine Jackson

The Loss of A Child & The Indomitable Spirit

Rebecca Norrington

The Importance of Happiness

Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Love, Honor, Integrity

Lene' St. John

A Slant on Perspective

Debbi Lewis

Healing, Empowerment, and Clearing Mind-Blocks

Pamela Cummins

Self-Love, Intuition, and Boundaries

Harvey Stelman

Mastering Living Above Multiple Sclerosis

Mark Itzler

How To Have Great Relationships and Success

Kris Godinez, LPC

Educating Through Humor

Dr. Steve Broe

A Matter of Mindfulness

Dr. Ann Williams

The Difference Between Joy and Happiness